How to use creative transformation to enrich your life

Do you want to feel fullness of life amidst its struggles and strife?…..

Do you want to experience deeper joy after the pain of loss?…..

Do you want to reignite the passion of your dreams?…..

Experience hope in the face of despair?…..

and feel LOVE instead of fear?…..

Do you want to discover creative transformation and life enrichment ?

IF SO, cultivate your inner wisdom, talents and strengths through playful creativity using the ARTbundance™ philosophy with ART, STORY, DANCE, MUSIC, and FRIVOLITY!

Creative Harvest is a place for you. Come back to your creative roots to rediscover those things that inspire and bring out the best in you. Creative Harvest  offers  life enrichment courses and activities designed by an ARTbundance™ certified creative coach.  Whether you are here to navigate life changes, soothe your soul, find bliss, rediscover passion, or experience joy filled abundance, let Creative Harvest help you to creatively cultivate what you desire.

  • INSPIRATIONAL pictures, poetry and stories
  • MOTIVATIONAL tips and tricks
  • OPPORTUNITIES for enriching classes and e-courses




Creative Transformation

creative transformation
 Imagine Creative Transformation

Scroll down so I may introduce myself to you: 


a bit of my story and creative transformation

Hi!  I’m a creative….you know, an innovator, a multi-talented “still wondering what i want to do when I grow up” type person! Are you like that too?

​From what I can remember, it all started in the sandbox.  What do you remember creating as a child?  I loved molding the damp sand, forming houses, barns, roads & bridges; and arranging rows of  fences to create a lane or bound imaginary fields.  I also recall creating with building blocks as a young child, singing my heart out in church, and writing stories. My favorite stories were “fill in the blanks”.  As a child, I found all of these things simply MAGICAL.  What created magic for you as a child?   AND I loved to color.  I will still do almost anything if I can have just the right color!  What JOY!

As an adult student earning a master degree in architecture, I personally experienced creative transformation  using sacred geometry . It changed my life. ​Now, after a career in Landscape Architecture and Planning,  and experience as an educator, I’m revisiting my creative roots.  I enjoy making hand crafted greeting cards and multi-media art, and also writing. Through ARTbundance™, I’ve learned that allowing ourselves to play with creativity and storytelling can unravel some tricky creative blocks and reveal inner secrets that can feed our souls and tantalize our spirits, and maybe even heal some tender spots.   

I have discovered that Creative Harvest is my passion and sharing it with you is what nourishes me.   It is what I want to do when I grow up!  SO, take a look around and enjoy creating your own abundant harvest, even if you don’t want to grow up quite yet! 

And please, SAY HELLO with an e-mail.  I’m here for YOU!