What is motivation?  Is it a call to action?  Not necessarily, but is helpful in creating productive action.

Did you know that both words, motivation and emotion come from the very same root word in Latin?  They do.  It means to move, as in “to stir up”.  Let’s conjure up some MOTIVATION!  What are the ingredients  that we need to stir?  Hmmm, think about that one… maybe they are:

 motivation                 motivation                                                         IMAGINATION                                                                         FEELINGS           

Maybe IF we mix those two, we will stir up some motivation.   But, what are we motivated towards?  What are we ultimately stirring up?  What kind of motivation leads to action?

Hey, these are good questions but sometimes hard to answer.  What if we don’t know where we want to go, or what we want to do once we are motivated? Well, if that is the case, we are not alone.  Evidence tells us that most people at sometime in their lives, find themselves in such a quandary.    OK, so we are not alone in this.  But what do we DO?  Sometimes, we simply  need to allow ourselves to BE.  Be Alone.   Breathe.  No, not meditate.  Just get comfortable as you are able, get quiet, breathe deep, and then breathe easy.  Close your eyes if you want or open them to the world around you.  What do you see?  Take note.  What do you feel?  Pay attention what you are imagining, seeing, and feeling.  This is a time to relax and be attentive to ourselves.  Don’t feel motivated?  Probably not.  We may feel like falling asleep, or get bored.  Sometimes, if we are bored enough, the feeling becomes uneasy and motivates us to do something else. Allow this experience to play with you a bit and see what happens.  If we fall asleep, then maybe we need to sleep.  Get rested.  JUST BE


              PAIN or PLEASURE?


MOTIVATION, it has been said, arises from either pleasure or pain.  Sometimes, in allowing ourselves to JUST BE, we can get a sense of whether pain or pleasure is motivating our current activity or inactivity.  Either way, this is a main ingredient in our recipe.  We have to understand our feelings and know whether we are putting pain or pleasure into the mix.  Allowing our feelings to be and honoring them  in a constructive manner is a good way to begin moving in a productive direction for a meaningful life. We have to start here because motivation leads to action for manifesting our desires.

When we are stuck in our feelings, it is difficult if not impossible to move forward.  ARTbundanceā„¢ activities can be a light-hearted way to address our feelings, access our imagination, and help us become motivated towards meaningful and productive days. Sign up for an activity or class here:  Button

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Below are a few motivational tips and tricks.


Nature can soothe our souls, and be an inspiration for us.  Nature is a wonderful place to get in touch with our feelings to help us get motivated. 

Try using your camera to capture images next time you are in nature.  Take distant shots, close up shots, and anything that interests you.  Pay attention to the environment, the climate, the time of day, how the sun angle is, and the geography.  Try to capture all of these things in the camera lens.  Take as many photos as you need until you feel at one with the place where you are.  Take lots of pictures, having fun with the different angles.  Stoop down, get up on a rock or stump, lay down for a different viewpoint.  Take as many pictures as you can in as many ways as you can. Use your imagination!   If your camera has different filters, use them all!  Then relax and enjoy your time in nature.  When you return home, play with your photos and allow them to help restore your soul or look closely at your viewpoints of the world.  You can even categorize the photos by how they make you feel if you need to understand feelings. 

At another time, take your journal into nature for stream of consciousness writing. 


Journaling and writing can lead to motivation. 

Even if you have a writer’s block, it is possible to journal about nothing, writing just words or thoughts that come to mind, or even just lists of things to do.  Sometimes list making is very therapeutic and helps get things off our mind so we can be motivated more productively.  When I am bogged down in too many directions of thought, list making helps organize my mind and allows me to focus on what is most important.  I even use NOTES in my phone now for quick note taking and list making which gets things off my mind fast.

 There are many kinds of journals – for dreams, for travel, for diaries, for story-telling, art, and others.  It isn’t necessary to save these unless you want.  Sometimes, it is just the process that is most important, and we can move on to what we want to be doing after releasing our thoughts on paper.  Try combining a bit of art or drawing into your journal.  Tell a story or write a poem.  Allow your ideas to flow. 


Being silly, telling jokes, and laughing can lead to motivation.

Frivolity and fun are keystones of ARTbundanceā„¢  Have you ever heard of laugh therapy or laughter yoga? Sometimes laughing until it hurts is the best thing for us.  Try being silly yourself.  For a VERY QUICK trick to release  emotional feelings, try laughing at nothing.  That is right.  Just try to laugh, and then feel silly laughing at nothing and then laugh at that and then laugh some more.  Think of silly images that have made you laugh.  Laugh from deep in your stomach and belt out a hearty laugh.  Try laughing high in your voice like a cartoon character.  If anyone comes along, keep laughing and watch them join in the silliness.  Then laugh some more!  Try it right now! (If you are at the library, keep it down though!)   Laughter can energize us into motivation.  Do something else to encourage frivolity in your life.  Play games or  go to the playground to slide or swing.  Sing a silly song.