Beginner’s Guide to Sacred Geometry

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A Beginner’s Guide to Sacred Geometry

1st of 3 self-paced video courses on Sacred Geometry. This course deals primarily with 2-D aspects. No previous experience in geometry is needed.  PLEASE VIEW FULL DESCRIPTION BELOW before ordering.  Thank You.


This course is self-paced. No previous geometry is needed. You will need time, a straightedge and compass, paper and drawing utensil.  Instructions for choosing tools is provided within the course so you may wait until later to gather your tools together.  There are three downloadable videos consisting of several sections:

1. READ THIS FIRST: HOW TO USE THIS COURSE: explains how to use course content of two other videos.

2. COURSE VIDEO: consists of several sections which may be paused to absorb the information at your own pace.  The course consists of sections as follows

VISIBLE SACRED GEOMETRY Answers questions such as “What is Sacred Geometry, How did it begin?  How was it used throughout history?  How is it used today?”

ORIGINS OF SACRED GEOMETRY Examples are provided of geometry in nature and built environment.  Brief references to Pythagoras, Plato and Euclid are included. 5 Platonic Solids are described with examples and significance of each is given.

NUMBER CREATES FORM Beginning with a point and advancing through number 12, principals and associated meanings for each number are presented.

CREATE YOUR OWN SACRED GEOMETRY Opportunity to manually create your own sacred geometric construction.  You may share your work with instructor and others if desired.

Includes Recommended Supplies and Examples.

3. TOOLS VIDEO   Separate 71/2 minute video on choosing tools and how to use them.  This is a unique video with easy to follow instructions on how to use a compass, mechanical pencil, and straightedge.  These are critical skills to develop for creating your own meaningful sacred geometric constructions. The video is presented by a college professor for students and not seen elsewhere. VERY VALUABLE INFO for students of architecture, design, drafting, AND sacred geometry!!!


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