NEW! – Explorations with Sacred Geometry


2nd of 3 courses on Sacred Geometry using 2-D and 3-D elements.

Previous experience with geometry is not required, although the basic understanding provided in the 1st course is helpful as an introduction to the information presented in the 2nd course, Explorations in Sacred Geometry.  Time, a compass and straightedge are basic tools needed. For instructions on selecting and using the compass and straightedge, please view Beginner’s Guide to Sacred Geometry before using the Exploration course. IF desired to create 3-D constructions, paper, cardstock or additional items of your choosing may be useful.


This is the second self-paced course on sacred geometry.

In this course, all aspects of the Quadrivium are addressed: As a participant, you will

  • explore the philosophy of Arithmetic and Geometry and the 3-D realm of Platonic solids.
  • be given explanations for transcendental and irrational numbers including square roots, the Fibonacci Series, Golden Mean, Phi and Pi to enhance your understanding.
  • be provided instructions for creating your own 2-D and 3-D geometric constructions and advanced projects at home.
  • see how geometry appears as Harmony and
  • be introduced to Astronomy as demonstrated with 2-D geometry.

The course is provided in as a self-paced video. You may contact the instructor with questions as you progress through the course.



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