SACRED ART can be defined in many ways.  Most simply, it may be art that evokes the sacred aspect of our being  connecting us with our own soul or spirit.  When we work with soul, infused with spirit, it becomes sacred art. 

At times we begin our sacred art creativity by actively connecting to our sacred aspect through such activities as meditation, prayer, yoga, or listening to music.  At other times, the creative activity serves to lead us to a place of connection with our inner wisdom and higher self, resulting in sacred art.   Working with and creating Sacred Geometry  may work that way, as it does for me.  It can take us to the place of  ” Kairos ” or timeless time. 

ARTbundance™  becomes a sacred art when we access our soul core while we work or play.  ARTbundance™ activities use  story telling, writing, poetry and song, dance, drawing, crafts and other arts so you will be sure to find something that speaks to you.  They are very good at helping unblock the creative side of our brains as well.   

Please take a few moments to explore the opportunities offered on the SHOP page.   Try one out!  You are welcome to contact me with any questions about Sacred Geometry  or ARTbundance™.  I would love to hear from you.