Courses described below are suitable for young and mature adults. Three courses are offered through CREATIVE HARVEST at  

A Beginner’s Guide to Sacred Geometry

The first sacred art course in geometry is self-paced.  Students need NO prior experience in the subject. The video course covers definition, history, and how it is seen and used today.  Basic principles for the numbers 1-12 and the Platonic solids are introduced for 2-D study. A separate video gives directions for selecting and using the required tools. Throughout the course, learners may acquire an understanding of the principals of number and forms that are presented.  With course completion, create your own sacred art and sacred geometry constructions manually, using symbolic meaning.  Tools needed are a compass, straightedge, pencil, and time. 

Explorations in Sacred Geometry

This extensive self-paced course follows the 2-D geometry, given in the first course, into 3-D form.  Additional philosophical ideas are presented, giving opportunity for personal reflection.  The video explores irrational numbers, phi, π, Fibonacci series, and the Golden aspects relating to the subject.  Use of compass and straightedge are needed to complete the practice exercises. Options for 3-d constructions are given as well and may be created as sacred art to enhance understanding.

Discoveries in Sacred Geometry

Participants in this course are allowed opportunities for involvement in the current conversations regarding the subject.  With a complete background from the previous courses, discover deeper hidden meanings and recent revelations in the sciences, especially notable in physics and astronomy.  Increase your awareness of the perennial truths everywhere. Discover a new dimension of creating sacred art using supplies of your choosing and the knowledge gained in this last level of three courses offered. 

All three courses invite the participants to be in contact with the instructor.  Six (6) downloads of the courses are available for 60 days. This allows the learner to run the course six times on a computer or download permanently (only needed once). CLICK BELOW TO ORDER COURSES:

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